Senior Advisors

Dana Cooper

Dana Cooper has more than 25 years experience managing global organizations and leading large, complex, high-risk projects. His areas of expertise include corporate-level finance involving IT and business process improvement, manufacturing and operations, and supply chain management. He has redesigned and installed enterprise-wide systems for global corporations and effectively managed the organizational changes they entailed.

During his tenure as a senior manager at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dana directed global materials management, systems integration services, and global business services, and also led an enterprise-wide demand management initiative. A successful entrepreneur, Dana’s own companies have designed programs for the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Defense. He has a mastery of sophisticated analytical modeling and decision support tools.

Dana has deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical / life sciences industry and specialty manufacturing, and extensive experience in the automotive and general services industries.

Dan Dotson

Dan Dotson has decades of experience designing, implementing and managing complex global supply chains, and a solid background in finance, marketing, global sales forecasting, and demand planning for well-known organizations including Rodale, Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb and its ConvaTec subsidiary. In his role as leader of complex high-impact initiatives, Dan has implemented a host of process and organizational changes focused on improving productivity and profitability in several industries and business areas.

As director of global business services, Dan has managed the project portfolio for all the consumer products divisions of a multinational corporation worldwide. He has developed and implemented global forecasting processes, standardizing sales and operations planning, performance metrics, and demand/supply planning across multiple divisions, business units and countries. He has helped open new distribution centers abroad and has strong experience working in highly regulated environments.

Dan’s industry experience includes pharmaceuticals / life sciences, textiles, medical devices, electronic manufacturing and publishing.

Andy Layton

Andy Layton, as a seasoned technology strategist and architect, has designed systems and applications, developed software, and deployed production in both corporate and startup environments. His corporate affiliations include Merit Industries, Charles Jones, Venturi Asset Management, Trilogy Market Technologies and Voxware.

As a systems designer, Andy has created innovative solutions to business problems. As a team leader, he has optimized performance in a wide variety of systems, platforms, languages and software. Andy has developed groundbreaking new platforms for technical financial trading, using all new concepts and proprietary technologies, and he has helped develop successful new financial services products tradable on the New York Board of Trade.

Andy has provided technical counsel to companies in finance and financial services, the life sciences, startups, VoIP and telecommunications. His areas of expertise include a broad array of technology concepts, software development tools, server and client applications, operating systems, and protocols.