Program & Project Management

Project management involves far more than timelines and deliverables. Truly successful projects also advance a firm’s capabilities and strategic position — leveraging short-term objectives for long-term advantage.

The road to project success, however, is never easy. Unclear objectives, scope creep, internal distractions and resource constraints often undermine timetables, budgets and project results. Further, project integration with a firm’s larger strategic goals and culture can pose an even greater challenge.

Project management is Makefield Group’s core competency. Our principals have personal depth in managing complex, high-impact initiatives, and our firm has strong collective experience tackling the most difficult and unique organizational development projects.

Our expertise is in assisting companies making major strategic transitions. We also specialize in helping firms that operate in highly regulated environments. Our experience covers a wide range of industries, business processes and functions, geographies, and technologies, in both the public and private sectors.