Supply Chain Optimization

Effective supply chain management serves as a powerful tool to drive growth and create competitive advantage. The knowledge and systems that enable your firm to deliver goods more efficiently and cost-effectively provides a tangible and sustainable edge, and a key to profitability.

Supply chain optimization, however, is no easy task. Shorter product life cycles, industry consolidation and emerging technologies add to supply chain complexity. Even those industry leaders with lean and efficient supply chains are challenged to find ways to deliver tangible marketplace advantage.

At Makefield Group, we believe the key to supply chain optimization involves a broad, holistic, and strategic approach, rather than addressing functional silos; a clear sense of what really matters to customers; and a clear view of the cost/benefit trade-offs. The results of this Value Chain Optimization are streamlined and flexible systems aligned with business strategy, resulting in customers around the world who feel like your operations are around the corner.

Makefield Group begins by conducting a thorough, holistic analysis of your company’s supply chain operations. By understanding your business, measuring defects, delays and returns, mapping organizational processes, and assessing system capabilities, Makefield Group identifies your biggest gaps and largest opportunities. From system design, installation, and integration through procedure development, organizational redesign, and end-user training, we deliver measurable improvement in both the business and technical dimensions.