Transaction Integration

In our view, the historically low success rate of mergers, acquisitions, and other enterprise-level transactions is the result of inadequate planning in advance of, and undisciplined operational implementation following the close of a deal.

Pre- and post-deal blocking & tackling — ensuring that the up-front financial, legal, and business analysis aspects of a merger or acquisition are effectively communicated and rapidly hard-wired into an organization’s operational and cultural DNA — is the key necessary to unlock a transaction’s value-drivers.

Makefield Group’s Comprehensive Transaction Integration Process® applies a disciplined, market-tested approach delivered by integration specialists, to ensure that all activity — prior to and following completion of a transaction — is properly aligned, managed and evaluated in order to meet deadlines, to reassure employees, suppliers and customers, and to deliver the underlying business objectives.

Whether your transaction integration goals involve operational synergies, economies of scale, or expanded market penetration, Makefield Group has the process, the people, and the tools to achieve them quickly and decisively.